Shimmy is a highly skilled and experienced yoga teacher with over 10 years teaching practice.  Her expertise ensures each class caters for those that are new to yoga as well as advanced and experienced practitioners wanting to refine their existing practice and set deeper foundations for more advanced asana.

Her love for teaching is conveyed through her patient, nurturing and often humorous teaching style, which is not be confused with easy. She encourages building strength to support a mindful approach to yoga which allows practitioners to create and experience their own unique dialogue between mind and body. 

Like most yoga teachers, Shimmy’s mission in life is to bring the healing benefits of yoga to every body. However, all around her she heard reports of people who had tried yoga but stopped because they left class feeling defeated, overwhelmed, not good enough, too stiff, too weak, too old, and even angry.

That's when Shimmy decided to zig where everyone else was zagging. 

Based on her personal yoga experiences of injuries, challenges and many years of teaching various types of yoga, Shimmy has developed her own unique teaching style which is suitable for all levels. Shimmy’s aim is to help students find a way to explore a range of movements that feel comfortable and liberating for their individual bodies, whilst also building awareness and strength to make the practice work for the practitioner.